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The new challenges of invitations for projects

Calls for projects are multiplying: Reinvent Paris, Invent the Metropolis... even at the global level. Reinventing Cities, for example, launched in January 2018, is an international success (19 cities involved worldwide).

Planners and local authorities are also launching or will launch calls for projects (Paris Batignolles Aménagement, SEMAPA, Établissement Paris Saclay, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Angers, Nice, Bordeaux).

This new method of land transfer clearly meets a need of public authorities to build the city of tomorrow. It is a great idea, a source of incredible excitement in all the areas that affect the city!

However, the model is in the process of being defined and is profoundly changing the way things are done.

In legal matters, the stakes are considerable and require asking oneself the right questions in order to ponder them, both in our work practices and from a legislative and regulatory point of view.

As far as legal practice is concerned, three phases must be identified, each of which raises different issues:
– consultation;

– contractualisation;

– the execution of the project and the operation over time of the completed real estate complex.

These three phases are extremely important. They are interdependent. The success of calls for projects depends on their being taken into account from the outset.

As the deed of sale is the cornerstone of these calls for projects, the notary is therefore one of the crafters.

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